How was your 2017 Experience?

We LOVED Co-Creating this incredible weekend with you, and want to know how to make it even BETTER! Please fill out and submit the 2017 Post Survey form below to help us make your 2018 Earthdance Florida experience an exceptional one! 

We were faced with many challenges with Hurricane Irma hitting Florida two weeks prior to our event this year. We did our very best with making the land up to par in time for our festivities and in making sure we had the resources we needed to make it possible through the state of emergency that was taking place in Florida. It wasn’t easy and we could have cancelled but we decided to let the show go on when we knew your safety wouldn’t be compromised.

One improvement that we KNOW we will make for next year is that we will NOT be denying outside food or beverage into the festival grounds. We look forward to hearing your feedback and appreciate YOU for being a part of our yearly commUNITY Co-Creation.