Every Day is Earth Day!

We ALL have the potential to be Earth Guardians

Have you made a commitment to honor, respect, and protect the world we live in?

Join us in protecting out planet and future from Climate Change. We all can help no matter how young we are. There is never a better time than the present to turn your intentions into reality. 

One person can change the world. Renew your commitment today!

Just these simple daily practices can make a HUGE difference with the environmental challenges we face today with Earth’s resources being stretched to the limit.

1. Recycle
2. Compost your organic waste
3. ReUse, RePurpose, Upcycle
4. Buy Organic, Local, and Fair Trade
5. Educate yourself about the Environment
6. Practice home energy efficiency
7. Conserve water
8. Reduce your carbon footprint
9. Avoid single-use Items
10. Get involved with your local commUNITY to start/help a community garden and community cleanups.


The fate of Maddox Ranch and the future of Earthdance Florida rests on the actions of every single Co-Creator. May you come to this special place and do your part as an Earth Guardian with Love and Respect. 

We strive to leave our surroundings at Maddox Ranch as beautiful when we leave as it was when we arrived. Earthdance Florida is a Leave No Trace + Interactive Sustainable Co-Creative Environment. As fellow Co-Creators, please do your part by respecting the land, Earthdance, and yourselves by leading by example. Here is how you can prepare yourself to help leave an impressionable footprint at Earthdance and Maddox Ranch to be felt for years to come:

Earthdance Florida Earth Guardian Checklist

♺ Prepare:

Think ahead of time and come up with a plan with your campmates.


Purchase items with recyclable packaging and remove excessive packaging. Purchase canned beverages rather than bottled ones. Leave styrofoam at home.


Bring your own reusable water bottle, mug and dishware; Biodegradable soap, water bottle, silverware and a storage container are all you need to bring to keep your items clean. There are water taps with filters on-site.

♺ Avoid single use items:

Invest in a 3-5 gallon water container instead of purchasing a pack of plastic water bottles;  Purchase EL wire powered by rechargeable batteries instead of buying a bag of glow sticks!

♺ Leave No Trace: Pack it in. Pack it out.

Bring trash bags, and containers for recycling,  landfill, and compost plan to pack it out!


The BEST way to reduce your carbon footprint for the event! You save money on gas and on parking fees! Make plans early with your friends or check on the rideshare options.

Oak Tree Protection:

Oak trees are essential to the magic of the land.
a. Do NOT tie or attach anything the weakened branches! Plan for free-standing pop-ups or hammocks!
b. Do NOT park directly under the tree canopy!  The weight of your vehicle causes compaction in the soils. This contributes to slow root growth.

What is your Exodus Plan?

Designate someone in your camp who will bring trash and recycle bags and containers, and have everyone agree to bring a bag or two home.

MOOP Mastery:

MOOP is an acronym for “Matter Out of Place”, and refers to anything that is not originally of the land on which our event takes place. It could be anything from a broken camp chair to a bottle cap. Right before you leave Maddox Ranch, when everything is packed in your vehicle and your are ready to go, spend at least twenty minutes with a small trash bag in your hand, combing the ground of your camp area, looking for MOOP and picking it up!

Consider what it means for you to be an Earth Guardian and taking the lead on helping your camp-mates and MOTHER EARTH!

They will thank you!


What does Leave No Trace Mean?

Leave No Trace is a framework for making good decisions about how to enjoy the outdoors in the safest and most responsible way possible. We believe that education is the key that will make a difference around the globe in any setting. However, education alone is not enough to change behavior. Behavioral change needs to come from somewhere deeper. There needs to be an internal ethic driving us to make good decisions about enjoying the outdoors responsibly and following through with our actions. Leave No Trace is more than a set of guidelines – it is a mode of thought, a state of mind, a way of existing in the world where we are making positive decisions to create an environment we wish to live in. It is about carrying out a respect for the things that matter to us, whether it’s having quality relationships or packing out our trash, we do them because it creates a more positive existence for us all. It’s not what you did yesterday, it’s what you’re doing tomorrow.

Waste Management

We hope to educate and inspire a new generation of responsible Earth Guardians. Our goal is to divert waste from landfills by increasing the amount of material that is recycled and composted, thereby greatly reducing the ecological footprint of Earthdance Florida at Maddox Ranch.

Our Earth Guardians Recycling and Composting stations will be located throughout the festival. We encourage everyone to take part in recycling. You could even earn COOL GEAR if you participate in our efforts to make Earthdance Florida the MOST ENVIRONMENTALLY-CONSCIOUS Earthdance event to date!

Keep Scrolling to read about our “Most Sustainable Campsite” Contest. 

Environmental Education Participation

At Earthdance Florida, we want to transform lives. We want people to not only be inspired at the festival, but to leave and make a big difference at home and in their communities.

Our environmental lineup of workshops focuses on easy, low cost, do-it-yourself (DIY) ways that people can lower resource use, purchasing, packaging, and learn to grow their own food and make their own resources.

Our workshops are not just about learning from the facilitator, they are also interactive which is important in bringing together our community to connect and discuss new solutions with one another.

Keep checking back for our list of workshops this year!

Community Garden

1525563_828219227196507_8944580842029749079_nWe are looking for plant donations for the Community Garden at Maddox Ranch.

During Earthdance Co-creators will be able to get their hands and heart deep into the Earth by helping to plant new additions to this Community Garden. We will be facilitating gardening workshops everyday as we all come together in creating a lasting impact at Maddox Ranch for all to enjoy!

Recommended Plants:

Collards | Beans: Bush, Pole, Lima | Broccoli | Cabbage | Corn |Cucumbers | Eggplant | Kale | Lettuce: Crisp, Butter-head, Leaf & Romaine | Mustard | Onions | Peas | Peppers | Pumpkins |Squashes | Any other edible/ medicinal plants that will grow well over Fall, as well as fruit trees and edible shrubs

Send us an email to cocreate@earthdanceflorida.org regarding donation ideas.

Most Sustainable Campsite Contest

This year Earthdance Florida will be having “Most Sustainable Campsite” Contest.

The winning Campsite will be chosen on Sunday Evening and awarded an assortment of Earthdance Gear for the entire camp.

“Sustainable” is defined as (yet open to creative interpretation!): “Social and cultural environments in which we can satisfy our needs and aspirations without diminishing the chances of future generations’.” ~ Fritjof Capra’s ‘Web of Life’

You may want to reference the Earth Guardian Checklist above to help you!

Start your planning now, have fun, and be creative! We look forward to seeing our Co-creators take steps in building a more sustainable community at Maddox Ranch in Lakeland, Florida and beyond…