Fire Performance & Effigy Burn Join us Sunday evening from 8-9:30pm for a spectacular event!



It has become a tradition for us at Earthdance Florida to burn an effigy right after our global synchornized Prayer for Peace since 2011. This year we are having our fire performance show and effigy burn Sunday evening since we have extended our festival until Monday at noon. This is a special event that takes place within Earthdance Florida every year. Our effigy is designed with our yearly theme in mind by incredible builders within our commUNITY! The show starts off with a parade by our roaming theatrical Kreaturez and Sacred Fire Drummers, into our fire show by our Fire Performers during Subsqwad’s music performance into our Effigy Burn when Kimball Collins and Rudiment take the stage!

Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust. Build, Burn, Grow.