Thank you for your interest in participating as a Food/Beverage Vendor at Earthdance Florida. Please fill out the vendor form to the right. Earthdance Florida LLC will review your application carefully. If approved you will be receiving an approval confirmation and payment request between April 20th and July 20th. 

Only 25 Merch & Craft Vendors and 5 Food/Beverage Vendors will be selected for Earthdance Florida 2017. We suggest getting your applications in as soon as possible to be considered for our Marketplace.

Vendor Payment is due 10 business days after receiving your approval letter/invoice. You are not a confirmed vendor until your fee is paid in full.



All Weekend Beverage Vendor
This vendor option includes 2 entries. Additional entries for up to 4 people are available for a discounted rate of $75 + taxes each. Alcohol sales are NOT permitted.

  • 10′ x 10′ = $450+ taxes
  • 10′ x 20′ = $550+ taxes

All Weekend Food Vendor
This vendor option includes 4 entries. Additional entries for up to 4 people are available for a discounted rate of $75 + taxes each. 

  • 10′ x 20′ = $850+ taxes
  • 20′ x 20′ = $950+ taxes

*Water & coffee sales are excluded from Food and Beverage sales.


Power Needs:
Generator power is an additional fee. Alternatively, vendors may bring their own generator if sound is properly buffered.

The cost for power use for the entire duration of the festival from Friday 10am to Monday 10am are $300.00 for Food Vendors + $150.00 for Beverage Vendors.



Terms and Conditions

Earthdance Florida is a rain or shine event. Booth fees and staff passes are non-refundable.

All food vendors must present a Health Department Food License, A Florida Sales tax License, and a Certificate of Liability Insurance for coverage no less than $300,000 for the dates of September 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 24th, and 25th, 2017 with Earthance Florida LLC as the certificate holder/additional insured party.

Booth space will not be sub-leased or combined with a business other than the company name / DBA named on this application.

No vehicles will be allowed at any vendor booths unless their booth is their RV/Bus/vehicle. All vendor vehicles will be parked in a special parking lot in very close proximity to the Market Place. 

Vendors MUST arrive on Thursday September 21st to set-up booth between the hours of 10am and 6pm. You will have a reserved camping spot and reserved parking spot when you arrive.

Earthdance Florida LLC will be held harmless for theft or damage of equipment and/or inventory incurred during the festival.

Vendors shall remove and properly dispose of all rubbish and booth materials by 12pm on Monday September 25th, 2017. All food vendors’ grease must be removed from festival grounds by the vendor.

Water is excluded from Food and Beverage sales unless purchased from Earthdance Florida prior to the start of the festival.

Vendors must provide their own tables, displays, lights, and tents. All items for sale must be visibly priced. Vendors may not sell any items with the Earthdance Logo.

Vendors may not sell or distribute alcoholic beverages. No Styrofoam cups or disposable glass containers are allowed in the festival.

No smoking is allowed in the concession unit due to fire and health department regulations.

All vendors rent booth space as independent contractors, not as employees or representatives of Earthdance Florida LLC, and thus assume all responsibilities for withholding taxes, social security, public liability, and signing waivers.

Vendors using the festival’s electricity must provide 3 (three) grounded electrical extension cords for their electrical appliances. Generator power is an additional fee. Alternatively, vendors may use their own generator if they buffer the sound properly. 

Vendor booths must be manned by at least one person for the entire time the booth is open.

Water & coffee sales are excluded from Food and Beverage sales.

Booth Hours are at your discretion since this is a 24/7 camping festival. However, we suggest the hours from 10am to 2am. 

Vending is available to all vendors from Friday September 22nd at 11am until Mondy morning on September 25th.