Sacred Fire & Drum Circle "The 5th Dimension"

Sacred Fire & Drum Circle
drum circle


Once again, the drum tribes of Florida will gather together for the 3rd Annual Earthdance Sacred Fire and Drum Circle!

Since time long past, our ancestors built sacred fires to bring the tribes together to share stories, to pray, and to celebrate life!

Today, with the Awakening of Consciousness, we see a reemergence of the sacred fire and drum circles as people seek to create community and intention.

Drumming by its very nature is meant to inspire unity and ritual through rhythm. The drums represent the heartbeat of Mother Earth and is reflected clearly in each of our hearts.

The fire is a living symbol of our inner light and the divine fire that burns within each of our souls. If we pause to listen with ancient hearts, we will see that together, the fire, the drums, and our own presence creates a rhythm we have known all along. A personal history that we had forgotten but now can see, hear, and feel clearly.

We invite you to gather around the fire with us each night and create unity together through ceremony, drumming and dancing at Earthdance Florida 2017. Lets celebrate and co-create our Re-Evolution…just listen, and open the portal to the 5th Dimension of your Heart! ♥
Ashe, A’ho, Amen and So Mote It Be.

Please consider the following guidelines for participating in the Earthdance Sacred Fire and Drum Circle:

  • Physically, fire requires a triangle of oxygen, fuel, and heat to burn. Fire circles also rely on three elements: fire keepers, drummers, and dancers.

  • Fire keepers start the fire and keep it fed and are responsible for fire safety. They often have to maneuver through the circle carrying heavy bits of wood. Give them the right of way and much love, for without them the circle is cold.

  • Drummers, chanters, and other makers of joyful noise take the heat and light of the fire and turn it into sound that reaches our hearts. Do not block them from the fire’s warmth; give them space and much love, for without them the circle is silent.

  • Dancers take the energy of the fire and the drums and transmute it into motion that moves our spirits. Do not crowd them into the fire, or block their path around it. Give them space in which to move and much love, for without them the circle is still.

  • Respect the sacred space, and those people sharing it with you.

  • It shouldn’t have to be said, but it does….PLEASE DO NOT THROW TRASH INTO THE SACRED FIRE!

  • Don’t leave your trash around the fire. If you carry it down to the fire, either carry it back with you or put it in a trash/recycle bin.

  • NO aluminum or glass inside the circle.

  • Refrain from smoking cigarettes inside the circle.

  • Refrain from cell phone use within the circle.

  • Don’t bring fire props within the circle. There is a designated area for fire spinning/dancing.

  • Respect other people’s way of respecting the space. Gatherings are a time of diversity; you might do things differently in fire circles held by your group but festival circles belong to no one tradition. You may dance. You may drum. You may chant. You may watch. You may socialize. You may party. For all acts of love and pleasure are encouraged. Gatherings and festivals are a time of unity and sharing. Therefore let us come together around the fire in love, trust and celebration.