Earthdance 2016 Sobokeh Bryan Edward 38

Cosmic Horizon

Main Stage

Immerse yourself in pure audio and visual bliss at the Cosmic Horizon Stage. Some of our music performances on this stage will be by The Polish Ambassador, Govinda, Kaminanda, David Starfire, Sunshine Jones (Live), Whitebear, Vibe Street, Afrobeta, Otto Von Shirach, Uncle John’s Band, El Dub, SowFlo and many more on a Funktion-One Sound System! 

Our cutting edge lasers, light shows and video mapping by Fractaled Visions will blow you away and our performance cirque acts will touch your hearts. 

Join us here for the Largest Global Synchronized Prayer for Peace that takes place Saturday at 7pm followed by a set by Living Light. 

There will also be a few speakers that will take the stage to share their passion and knowledge to our community. 


Lunarcrat’s Tranquility Bass Stage 

This interactive space themed stage installation has a fully enclosed dj booth that looks like the iconic Lunar Lander, full color lasers, lighting, incredible sound, seating, projector mapped art, and multiple flame effects with interactive buttons.

Some of the music talent that will be showcased at this stage are Kimball Collins & Rudiment, Reid Speed, Lady Waks, Keith Mackenzie, Random Movement, Jaybee, Subsqwad, Andy Hughes, Chang, Muggles, Simon Semrani, Kyou, and many more! 

Join us at our Community Conclave and Effigy Burn that takes place infront of this Stage Sunday from 8:00pm to 9:30 starting off with a Kreaturez Parade and Subsqwad performance into Kimball Collins & Rudiment! 

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Splash Down

Pool Stage


Pool Party!!! Join us at the Splash Down Pool Stage during the day Saturday and Sunday as we get down and boogie poolside!! Pool parties are an Earthdance Florida tradition. Some of our favorite local DJs will be gracing the stage, as you cool off and Splash Down! Don’t forget your towel; good vibes are waiting!


2d art


Visual Art Environment 


Earthdance prides itself on our ability to showcase the best visual artists creating their art live, in real time, on large murals throughout the weekend. It is an incredible sight! This year we have completely redesigned the art environment for a live interactive experience you wont forget. Be sure and come by this area often so you can see the progression of the live artwork for the duration of the event!




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Deep Space University 

Workshop Environment

Deep Space University is our sacred space of learning. This is where we bring in experts and healers in different fields to give hands-on workshops and presentations, educating you in their area of expertise. Never stop learning and take the time to teach when you can. This is the ethos behind Deep Space University. We hope you will join us here to learn and grow, and take your newfound knowledge with you to share along your journey.


The 5th Dimension

The Sacred Fire & Drum Circle Environment


Fire is a living symbol of our inner light and the divine fire that burns within each of our souls. If we pause to listen with ancient hearts, we will see that together, the fire, the drums, and our own presence creates a rhythm we have known all along. A personal history that we had forgotten but now can see, hear, and feel clearly.

We invite you to gather around the fire with us each night and create unity together through ceremony, drumming and dancing at Earthdance Florida 2017. Lets celebrate and co-create our Re-Evolution…just listen, and open the portal to the 5th Dimension of your Heart! 

theme camping 2017

Cosmic Playland

Theme Camp Environment


Co-Creation and Participation is the BEST way to be involved with Earthdance Florida. Many theme camps are registered this year, and you are invited to their spaces to participate in their environment and activities. A theme camp is a gift created by a small group of festival goers for all who want to join them. Theme camps will be visually stimulating and provide a communal area for all who wish to participate. Some theme camps will have certain scheduled activities, some will be open to participants during certain hours, and we ask that you respect the participation guidelines set forth by the individual camps. A special thank you goes out from Earthdance Florida to all the Theme Camp Leads and Participants!!!


DarkStar MarketSpace

Artisan & Food Vendor Environment


“Love to shake it on Shakedown Street.” -GD


Darkstar MarketSpace is where you will find our vendor area. We have handpicked many craft vendors to showcase their wonderful wares for sale, as well as a number of specialty food and beverage operators. With so many wonderful merchants, you will get lost in amazement strolling through Darkstar. Don’t forget to stop by when you’re hungry, because you wont want to miss out on the amazing array of dining pleasures.

Grokkian Embassy header

The Didges Christ SuperDrum Experience

The Grokkian Embassy

The ambassadors from planet Grok return to welcome you to experience the sights and sounds of their home planet at the Grokkian Embassy. UV lighting, lasers, quantum portals, and rear projection screen for shadow dancing will be on through the wee hours for your enjoyment at the beginning of the path to the 5th dimension sacred drum circle with performances by Didges Christ SuperDrum on Friday and Saturday evening at 9:30 ~ tribal electronic didgeridoo rock with full interpretive dance and fire manipulation show. Don’t be frightened by their appearance, they come in peace. There will also be a guest appearance by terrestrial techno artist the Felix Fenix!! Brought to Earth by the Citizens of Grok for a Better Universe.