Earthdance Global’s Theme is RE:EVOLUTION

theme 1

Today, it’s time for a universal Re-Evolution, moving us together through music and dance, towards our highest purpose of peace building and unity. The twenty-first anniversary theme “Re-Evolution“, signifies the need for citizens all over the world to revitalize their resistance to false ideas of separatism. We must instead remember we are all ONE HUMAN FAMILY, dedicated to living in peace, unity, freedom, social justice and true environmental stewardship. Earthdance is one of many peace organizations, groups and projects that align with the Day of Peace. In this varied field of activist and public service groups, Earthdance combines music, community, social consciousness, support of charities and activism, asserting that peace is as much about living fully and thriving, as it is is about protesting war. We believe that through our powerful, global group connection, people everywhere in every country and culture will reach heightened awareness of our common purpose – we pray together for peace, and then we celebrate! 

Join us for a COSMIC CO-CREATION with our GLOBAL EARTHDANCE FAMILY! Together we will explore, inspire, create, participate, dance, and bond in our SPACE THEMED landscape of creative self-expression. We are the Co-Creators of our time and it is up to us to spread peace and love far and wide. Hand to hand and heart to heart, we gather together to pray, heal, and learn as one.

Last year we immersed ourselves within the 6 Great Elements (Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Spirit, and Space). This year we are expanding on one of the 6 Great Elements… SPACE, the most vast Element there is with incomprehensible possibilities. Join us, for a Re:Evolution of both outer and inner space.

Each Environment has so much to offer your mind, body, and soul. Join us for 3-days of Live Music, Live Mural Artists and Installations, Inspirational talks & workshops, Sacred Spaces, Cirque Acts & Fire Performances, Roaming Space Kreaturez, Sacred Fire and Drum Circle, Pool Parties, Global Synchronized Prayer for Peace, Effigy Burn, Interactive Theme Camps, Craft & Food Vendors, and so much more…!!!

Theme Camping & Participation in our SPACE THEME is highly encouraged!